West Coast National Park 


Planning a trip to the West Coast? Why not visit the West Coast National Park.

The West Coast National Park is about 120 km from Cape Town along the R27. It surrounds the beautiful light blue  water of the Langebaan Lagoon and to  the west,  the Atlantic Ocean. Opening times from 07h00 to 18h00, 19h00 in summer. Entrance fees ranges from R45 to R136, depending on nationality and time of year.

Things to do and see in the park :

  • See the  spring flowers  in the Potsberg section during August and September. The best time for flower viewing is from 10h00 on a sunny day. Most of the flowers won’t open on cloudy and rainy days. In the Postberg section you are asked to stay in your vehicle, but at the lookout point you can walk around. Here you will find bathroom facilities. Potsberg is open to the public  only  during August and  September  from 09h00 to 17h00.
  • Take a scenic drive through the park which is 27,500 hectares in size. Ask for a map at the gate. Be on the lookout for animals and birds. The largest  concentration of mammals is in the Potsberg section. However they could be found throughout the rest of the reserve. 
  • Be on the lookout for whales. During August to October  the Southern Right Whale could be seen  from Tsaarbank.
  • Bird watching throughout the park, or at one of the 4 bird hides. 
  • Enjoy a picnic or braai at Kraalbaai or Tsaarbank. Just note that alkohol is not permitted  at public areas such as picnic and braai sites, or at the beach and shores of the Lagoon. Bring along water, cool-drinks, snacks and food for a picnic.                                                  Visit http://www.sanparks.org for more information 

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