Road trip to Vanrhynsdorp

Planning a trip to Vanrhynsdorp and surrounds, or passing through? Why not stop and stretch your legs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Vanrhynsdorp is a small town situated along the N7, also known as the Cape Namibia Route, and about 300 km or 3 hours drive from Cape Town. The town is located on the edge of the Nama Karoo, an area of semi-desert succulent vegetation.

What to see and do in Vanrhynsdorp

  1. Take a picture of the Maskam Mountainthe flat, table-like mountain, which can be seen from a distance.20160708_174810-2
  2. Start the day with a buffet breakfast at Lesatsi Lodge. This lodge is just outside Vanrhynsdorp on the R27 towards Vredendal.20160707_094449-2
  3. Make a wish. Throw a coin in the newly restored wishing fountain at Lesatsi Lodge.20160706_164123
  4. Visit the Kokerboom Nursery at 74 Voortrekker street for indigenous succulents to buy or admire.
  5. Visit the Historical Jail and take a step back in time. The old prison was built in 1895 from limestone and clay bricks. Now craft products and succulents are on display and for sale here.
  6. Take a stroll through the town.20160708_08014020160708_08025120160708_080916
  7. Take the Vanrhynspass along the R27 towards Nieuwoudville. Leave the Western Cape and enter the Northern Cape. This pass is a must drive offering forever views over the Knersvlakte.van-rhyns-dorp
  8. Visit the Waterfall on your way to Nieuwoudville…. Oops, no water.20160707_114813
  9. And the quiver tree forest, which is the biggest, natural quiver tree forest in the world.  Some of these trees are more than 250 years old. I know….forest?20160707_123718 
  10. You can either turn back now, or visit Nieuwoudville which is about 50 km from Vanrhynsdorp.20160707_132500

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