Bridge on The River Kwai

During World  War Two, the Japanese  forced thousands of Allied Prisoners Of War to build a railway  between  Thailand and Burma. Conditions were harsh and many workers  lost their lives during construction. It became known as the Death Railway. Today many people visit this historical site which was made famous by the movie, The Bridge on the River Kwai and later, The Railway man.20161105_111936

There is a tourist train leaving Hua Lamphong Railway Station every Saturday and Sunday.  It stops at Nakhom Pathou station for a visit to the Chedi, River Kwai Bridge, Nam Tok, to visit the waterfall, and Kanchanaburi  to visit the war graveyard. The train leaves at 06h30 from platform 11, 120 baht, third class only. Beautiful scenery along the way and vendors selling drinks and food on the train.


The first stop was at Nakhon Pathom station . We got  40 minutes to see the Phra Pathom Chedi, the world’s tallest stupa, and Thailand’s oldest Buddhist temple.  Got down from the train and walked to the temple nearby. Just followed the crowd.20161105_080129.jpg

Lots of vendors selling  food along the way.



Okay, here I got totally carried away, lost track of time and missed the train. Panic attack, panic attack!!! Went to the under station master’s office, he told me that I can take the next train to River Kwai Bridge station, which will be in  30 minutes  and no need to buy a new ticket. Okay, now I’m feeling better. 20161105_120518


I spend around 4 hours here, walking around and taking pictures, walking over the bridge, under the bridge, lots of restaurants and vendors.20161105_111954


One can also visit the Jeath War Museum, witch is nearby. Opening times 08h00 to 06hoo and entrance fee 50 baht. This museum gives insight into the Death Railway. Jeath is an acronym of the countries involved in the building of the railway: Japan, England, Australia/USA, Thailand and Holland.20161105_131827

I decided not to go to Nam Tok but to turn  back to Bangkok. The next available train was at 14h50 and the ticket back cost 100 baht. It was a 3 hour journey  in third class. Again very enjoyable with the breeze coming in from the open windows.

20161105_150702.jpg The train back to Bangkok went to Thornburi station. Arriving at Thornburi it was starting to get dark and therefore I decided to order an Uber Taxi which cost 100 baht for a 40 minute ride.

Looking back it was an enjoyable day, just wished that I could have done the whole day trip with the excursion train. For me 4 hours was too long at the bridge, but there where no earlier trains. Note to self: please keep track of time!


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