Bangkok to Siem Reap

I decided to take the train from Bangkok to the Thai-Cambodian border and then onwards by bus, but then changed my mind  because I didn’t feel like dealing with the scams going on at the border.  Instead I booked a flight with Air Asia which uses Don Mueang Airport, one of the two airports serving  Bangkok.

I considered taking the train from Hua Lamphong Station to Don Muang Railway Station, which is opposite the airport and linked by pedestrian bridge. This time I was afraid of train delays, which is quite common and  instead arranged a taxi through my accommodation because I had to be at the airport really early.  Taxi was  500 baht. A bit expensive, but I had peace of mind. 20161107_041251

Arriving in a humid Siem Reap to a small, beautiful modern airport. 20161106_110352.jpg

Certain nationalities qualify for visa-on-arrival, which is $30 at present, they  need 1 passport photo and your application form.

My accommodation provided an airport pick-up .20161106_113933.jpg




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