In the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia

I was relaxing at my guesthouse when I heard dogs barking in the street. I got up to have a look, and here is this Cambodian cow family walking down the street, all by themselves.  I saw them later on, grazing on the grass next to the river in the centre of town. They had to cross a busy road to get there! I think they’re more streetwise than I am.20161106_140312

Roadside stalls selling petrol in used liquor bottles to motorcycles and Tuk-Tuk’s.20161106_141341.jpg

Coconuts everywhere!20161106_154555.jpg

This motorcycle with add-on stall selling Jackfruit. One dollar for a small bag – delicious!20161106_151801.jpg

Electric cables!20161106_152434

Bird cages along the Siem Reap River.20161108_144247.jpg

Garbage container  made from recycled tyres, cool!20161109_082801

Bicycles for hire: $1 = 1 day + free water and map! 20161109_224128.jpg



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