Ta Keo, Angkor Wat Archaeological Park


Ta Keo was the third temple I visited as part of the small circuit of Angkor. My Tuk-Tuk driver asked me to be careful, lots of steep steps, and indeed the steps were high and narrow. But you don’t have to climb all the way to the top. I didn’t, the steps were knee-high, and not large enough for a foot, and the steps are  different sizes! 20161107_111458.jpg

The pyramid shaped Ta Keo was build to represent Mount Meru, the mountain that is the center of the world in Hindu mythology. Around Ta Keo was a moat, that represents the oceans surrounding Mount Meru. 20161107_111802.jpg

Ta Keo  was never completed. Legend has it that the temple was struck by lightning during its construction, and  work was halted at a stage where the main structure was complete but no decorations had been added.20161107_111340

There were only a few people when I visited and I enjoyed having the place almost to myself.

Opposite Ta Keo is a small market selling clothes,  drinks and smoothies, a nice break in between temples.



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